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Why Are Termite Inspections in Parramatta So Important?

Did you know that in Parramatta that termite damage to a building or your home is NOT covered by local insurance companies? This means that if you have termites in Parramatta that destroy your structural timber walls or roofs, you’ll be looking at spending thousands of dollars trying to repair the damage done.

This is why it’s essential in Parramatta to have at least one annual termite inspection a year. When you choose ABC Pest Control for your termite inspection in Parramatta you’re guaranteed termite protection and safety for your home.

At ABC Pest Control, we provide Termidor soil treatments as well as termite barriers and termite bait for safety against termite infestations. We will strategically position the termite barriers and soil treatments to ensure that your home will be safe against termites for the many years to come in Parramatta.


Why Choose ABC Pest Control For Help Against Termites in Parramatta?

same day service Parramatta's Trusted Termite Specialist 100% environmentally safe 100% Environmentally Friendly over 18 years of experience Over 10 Years' Experience

We pride ourselves on providing accredited and licensed termite inspections as well as termite control and termite treatments in Parramatta.

Our termite technicians have extensive knowledge on termites and know their most common traits including hiding places, eating habits and colony structures. To successfully eradicate a termite infestation you must have sufficient knowledge regarding the structure of a termite colony and knowledge about the structure of the local homes and buildings in Parramatta.

At ABC Pest Control, our termite controllers have a wealth of knowledge on structural engineering as well as termite colonies that gives them the advantage over similar termite companies in Parramatta.

How Can I Protect My Home In Parramatta From Termites?

For many years in Parramatta, termite control companies have been using dangerous chemicals to create barriers in the soil which ultimately kills the termites but does not create an effective repellent as the termites will eventually find a way through.

Well now you can have true peace of mind with our termite specialists at ABC Pest Control. We used proven environmentally friendly chemicals that won’t cause any harm to your pets or plants around your home. We will effectively set up a range of termite prevention products that will have your Parramatta home safe for the many years to come.

For a true honest, reliable and 100% Australian owned and operated termite expert in Parramatta you can’t look past ABC Pest Control.

Contact ABC Pest Control today on 02 8318 4040 for a free quote on termite inspections or termite control in Parramatta.

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